Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Discount

Do you want to change your children's spaces but don't have any clue where to start? I can help. I have a Bachelors in interior design and have painted murals, polka dots, stripes and other custome designs. Please click here to view my previous work. I charge $15 an hour, first in house consultation is free, I offer 10% discount for Expecting Moms and 10% discount for 2010 Flood Victims. I also will pay $20.00 for referring a paying client my way.
Okay everyone I know times are tough and money is tight so I am offering ANOTHER discount. I really want to get this business up off the ground and if it is by giving people discounts: then I will give the people what they want.

This discount involves FaceBook. For every person you recruit to my Tots2Teens FB Page I will give you 1% discount (not to exceed 20 people/20%)

So for Example:

This Surfboard Mural took 2 days to complete.
8 Hours a day (16 hours total)
$15 an hour
If you recruit 20 people and get 20% off, that would be a $48 savings

That would bring your custom paint job to $192.

That is a great deal is it not?

So, make sure you are a fan of T2T FB. And when recruiting members, have them post YOUR name on my wall, so I can give YOU credit.

Thanks Everyone. Happy Recruiting

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